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Because the camera frame is rectangular, any image with lines parallel or perpendicular to the frame automatically has a formal composed look to it.
Looking down in the city one often finds these compositions waiting to be photographed (and sometimes a leaf begs to be nudged into position).
(Click any image to see them all enlarged.)
Flourescent Pink 20 6264After the Rain_0588Blue Petals and Yellow Heart_9035Bronzed Leaves_2609Pink Paper and Petals_6330Sidewalk Framed Leaf 5941Sidewalk Leaf Twig & Paint 5942Leaf Prints 2608Tannenbaum_0288Sidewalk Gift Brick 6103Brown Leaves Flourescent Green Square 6217Brown Leaves Triangle 6253Red Yellow Green Leaves and Snow 6479Green-Yellow Wave 2553Rose Petals on Bway_0292Sidewalk Purple Leaves 6502Brown Yellow Leaves 6339Leaf and Slate 6191Crack and 3 Leaves 6189Wavy Sidewalk Lines 4922