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Because the camera frame is rectangular, any image with lines parallel or perpendicular to the frame automatically has a composed look to it. That makes these images feel a little like cheating - and yet, pace Mike Johnston who prefers some skew, I find them formally pleasing.

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Flourescent Pink 20 6264Street Symbolism 2331Sidewalk Yellow Leaf Box 5937Sidewalk Leaf Twig & Paint 5942Sidewalk Gift Brick 6103Brown Leaves Flourescent Green Square 6217Brown Leaves Triangle 6253Wavy Sidewalk Lines 4922Sidewalk Semitic Letter 6095Sidewalk Leaves and Oil Cap 6284Bronzed Leaves 2609Damp Pink Paper and Petals 6330Tannenbaum_0288Leaf Prints 2608Sidewalk Square 2878Green-Yellow Wave 2553Black and Yellow 2490Screens 2488Signatures of all Things 2176Red Yellow Green Leaves and Snow 6479