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Pictures of the denizens of Upper Broadway, working and living on the thoroughfare that is the heart of New York for me.
This project is one of my first all digital projects begun in the early 2000s, mostly on 5 and 6-megapixel digicams.
All the subway pictures were taken on the 1, 2 or 3 Broadway line and most of the outdoor images were made between 86th street and 110th street
(Click any image to see them all enlarged.)
Broadway Sandwichboard Man 2171Broadway Beer Breakfast 1615Broadway Cuban Refugee 1833Broadway Recycler 2177Broadway Cement Cleanup 2214Broadway Cuban Refugee2 2464Broadway Shirt Vendor 2488Broadway Gamblers 2485Broadway News Break 2891Broadway Street Theatre 2894Broadway Buddhists 2893Broadway Church Beggar 2944Broadway Guitarist 2949Broadway Food Driver 2994Broadway Lounger 2989Broadway Socialist 2998Broadway Sound Man 2999Broadway Pickle Vendors 3014Broadway Jehovah's Witnesses 3029Broadway Road Cutter 3056