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The inspiration for this project came from the last image in the collection, an older man peering over the park wall. An early film image from the 1970s, my father, with his typical ironic wit, suggested I call The Lovers.
From there I noticed the large number of photographs I had collected over the years of couples, especially in the subway and, in the vein of the original image, lovers not of people but of art, music, birds, God, as well as obvious non-lovers.
I created a slideshow video from this project, set to the music of Roberta Flack's Sweet Bitter Love but have been unable to secure the rights to use the music.
(Click any image to see them all enlarged.)
Paris Metro LoversHappy LoversTimes Square LoversPlatform LoversHand in Hand LoveLovers on the WallDance LoversThe Boston T LoversThe Needy LoverThe Incredulous LoverThe Combative LoverThe Impatient LoverThe Leg LoversThe Photo LoversSilent LoveFamily LoveFilial LoveUnderground Love
(Homage à Stanley Spencer)Comfy LoversThe Traveling Lovers